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Hi! I'm Rachael Griffiths, a live music and band promo photographer, originally from South Wales, but currently based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Whilst I work mostly on a freelance basis, I am also a photographer for Grave Press, PureGrainAudio and Rocksins.


A bit about me: Growing up I always wanted to pursue some kind of musical interest and in an attempt to follow this, I tried to play numerous instruments (and even took singing lessons). Sadly for me however, it soon became apparent that I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and would never be able to master any of the instruments that I dreamed of playing (even the ability to master the recorder escaped me!) So there, the dream died, and I attempted to move on from my unfulfilled musical aspirations. 


Fast forward a few (read: lot of) years and, after modelling for 5 years I finally decided to try my hand at the other side of the camera, picking up my first camera in September 2013.


I tried model photography for a little while, but it didn't really hold my attention, and then I was offered the opportunity to move into gig photography in January 2014. Music has always been my passion, despite my lack of talent, and taking live photos felt so right to me, that I decided it was what I wanted to dedicate my camera to. 


Since making the step into gig photography I have also made my first step into the world of band promo. This again is something that I immensely enjoy and wish to do a lot more of - so please do let me know if you want me to shoot your band promo, or perhaps even your rehearsals/recordings if that would interest you. I will use any excuse I can to get my camera out!


Whilst I am based in Welwyn Garden City, which puts me conveniently close to London, I also travel extensively throughout the UK and have a second base in Oxford. I am willing to travel wherever an interesting show is happening, so don't let my location put you off contacting me if you think you have something I can cover for you.


I think that's all the information you need for now. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Rach (BlackLotus) 

About Me

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